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UAE sends additional medical aid to Iran in fight against COVID-19

UAE sends additional medical aid to Iran in fight against COVID-19

Jun 27, 2020 16:06
The UAE sent an aid plane carrying 16 metric tons of urgent medical supplies to Iran to bolster the country’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19.

This aid will assist approximately 16,000 medical professionals as they work to contain the virus.

This aid plane is the fourth to be sent by the UAE to Iran since March. On March 16, the UAE dispatched two aid planes carrying more than 33 metric tons of critical medical supplies, followed by another aircraft on March 3 containing 7.5 metric tons of medical supplies in cooperation with the World Health Organisation.

"The UAE's efforts to operate numerous emergency medical flights to assist Iran’s medical sector reflect the authenticity of the UAE’s humanitarian approach and the spirit of tolerance and solidarity embedded in UAE policies. The UAE has long stood with the leadership and peoples of other countries in difficult times, supporting them and helping save their lives without regard to any other considerations," said Saif Al Zaabi, UAE Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"The UAE hopes that these supplies will enhance the capacity of medical staff in Iran and provide them with greater protection."